Life nor Germ

Film from #RanaPlaza

The Shakor Ahmed & Valerie Knill film is based on the #RanaPlaza collapse which took place on April 24th 2013 where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured. #Bangladesh.

In Savar, Bangladesh thousands of menial garment workers sacrificed their lives and well being to earn a small amount of money.

Even though the danger of an imminent collapse was detected days before the incident, the workers were forced to keep on working inside the building.

Life nor Germ is based on the true events of the Rana Plaza collapse. The fiction film tells the untold stories of the worker’s perspective on this tragedy.

Goal of Film

The film, Life nor Germ, is not only a film but also a realization of the fact of the actual incident.
Our goal is to make a fictional film which will give a voice to particulars communities, organizations and the people of the #RanaPlaza incident. One of the film’s purpose is to raise awareness for the dangerous working conditions in the garment industry and to help improve the lives of the workers.

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  • Written By: Shakor Ahmed
  • Directed By: Shakor Ahmed & Valerie Knill
  • Executive Producer : Behzad Behpour, Todd Goldfinger, Donna Roggio
  • Associate Producer: Md Arif Hossain
  • Cinematographer: Arsenij Gusev
  • Music: Marlo Reynolds
  • Art Director: Bettina Katja Lange
  • UV Film Production


Valerie Knill | Co-Director's Statement
The film „Life Nor Germ“ is a project that can make a difference. When Shakor Ahmed Uv asked me to co-direct the film and showed me the details from the Rana Plaza incident, I felt deeply touched and connected to the faith of the victims. I believe that it is important to tell this story. Although there exist documentaries and reports about the tragedy it is a new approach to the topic, to turn it into a fiction film and connect with the audience in a different way.
The film can help to spread awareness amongst the people and support the workers in Bangladesh. The Rana Plaza incident was a big trauma for the whole country and it also is a sign for the western world. In the west people remember that something happened. It was in the media, it shocked and touched people from around the world, but it is also in danger to become forgotten while the workers in the garment industry still work in a dangerous working space.
Shakor Ahmed | Writer and Co-Director's Statement
The concept of neither “Life nor Germ” came into my mind while I was in the rescue team as a volunteer. I have gone through a distress moment with many victims & survivors of Rana Plaza. Some of the survivors told me what actually happened at that time and how they survive. Though most of the stories did not come into the light and mass people do not know the untold story of Rana Plaza.
The script has been developed in such a way that it can be understandable universally. As this story is about Rana Plaza but the audience will be introduced with an interesting character named “Mamun”.
“Life nor Germ” is a fictional movie in genre. The lead character is usually a general garment worker who worked at 9 storied building in Rana Plaza. He had so many memories with his family and also his co-workers. Besides, he had an inhumane moment with his line manager. In some sequence, the lead character will find the chance to escape from that wreck building. The ending part of this film has been handed over to the audience.
The ultimate vision of this film is nothing but to make awareness among all people who wear cloth to think about those workers who make a person wonderful.

Contribute to the development of the labors who contribute to develop your lifestyle.




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On the 24th April 2013, 9am. Occurred a brutal incident of history, a commercial building Rana Plaza collapsed at Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh and left more than 1134 workers dead, more than a hundred missing and many others wounded. Around a thousand families have found dead bodies of their beloved family members. Many families moved from police stations to morgues in search of their relatives. Many people are still missing. They are even missing from the DNA test list of the unidentified bodies. Eight months after the collapse, street boys have found bones and skulls in the debris. But the families of missing workers do not know if they would find any trace from their beloved ones. Still a mother of a missing worker waits in front of the collapse site barricade hoping to find a trace of her son. The horrible memory of 24th April still haunts them in their sleep.

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