Untold Stories | ” Life nor Germ ” Film about #RanaPlaza | We demand #InsureLaborSafety

Untold Stories | ” Life nor Germ ” Film about #RanaPlaza | We demand #InsureLaborSafety



The idea of this film came when I was confronted with many of the untold stories connected with the Rana Plaza tragedy. The whole world watched in horror as the concrete building known as “Rana Plaza” cracked, buckled and ultimately collapsed on top of the garment workers inside. Though as time passed the horror of the incident faded in the world’s consciousness . Meanwhile for us “Rana Plaza” wasn’t just a concrete building. We didn’t only watch the incident, we felt the tragedy. Yes, our film is about Rana Plaza which was situated in Savar, Bangladesh. Rana Plaza collapsed on the 24th April, 2013 and it killed more than 1134 workers, injured 2,500 workers and as many workers are still missing. This incident is known to be the biggest catastrophe in the world’s garment industry. The name of our movie is ‘Life Nor Germ’’. This is not only a film, it is a vehicle to make it easier to realize the fact of incident. Our goal is to make an informative film which will give a voice to particular communities, organizations, and a survivor at #RanaPlaza.   The laborer’s in our country have always been treated as a worthless. Nobody cares about their human rights or about a secure working environment for them. They aren’t germs but they are not being treated as a human beings either. As a result they became the victims of what would be the worst garment factory disaster in history. In our film we will capture the entire story of Rana Plaza, so that the world can see and realize the true facts of the event. Our mission is to promote labor safety through our film.


Friends and I were in the rescue team and we know how the rescue tasks were done. Immediately after the incident local people came to help and then the army came forward with their helping hand. It was very hard to keep mental stability at work. We saw that we couldn’t save people without removing their arms or legs from their bodies. Facing the dead and their relatives was the toughest thing for us. Some relatives were screaming and telling us to save their loved ones and some people were crying because they had already lost them. We were helpless and we didn’t know what to do. After about two days there was an unbearable smell of the dead. All of the corpses were laid down in a near field. As a general citizen, we never faced such a horror like this before. It took time to comprehend. It seemed for us that we were meant to rescue people and it became a daily task. The rescue occurred for 17 days. But after 17 days, many relatives were still asking for their sons or daughters and many children couldn’t find their father’s or mother’s bodies. The authorities considered the job finished without making sure about all of the workers lives. Up till now I can still see the faces of the sufferers who lost their lives and the ones who are still suffering. It seemed that those faces were screaming and saying ‘we want justice’. It is true that I alone cannot do justice for them. We cannot give back theses lives but we can try to ensure labor safety for the future in the workplace. Through this we can try our best to do justice for them to some extent.


One month after the incident, we spoke with those people who were able to get another chance at life. Some of them were hospitalized for 3-4 months. During that time the workers couldn’t earn for their families nor could they find another job, although some factories came forward and offered work. There were many people who lost their hands, legs or both and faced the most miserable situations. Many of these people until now are either too physically injured or mentally traumatized and therefore cannot work. Sometimes even the noise from the street tears them apart. The fear is deeply rooted in them. Still they feel nervous when they see large factories like Rana Plaza. Not just the fear of death; but also they worry what will happen to their family members and how they will survive after this tragedy. The suffering still goes on. Many of the seriously injured people did not get their entitled insurance or compensation. There is still no assurance of getting the money up till now. Rana Plaza not only represents the laborers of Bangladesh, it represents the distress of the workers and laborers all around the world. It is time to encourage people to think about the laborers who make beautiful clothes for them. Throughout our movie we will make sure that every owner, buyer and fashion lover can understand the deeper meaning of the Rana Plaza incident. According to us, the meaning of the incident is that we have to ensure labor safety. The Rana Plaza incident proves that human rights are still being abused. It is time to stand up for those laborers who are working for us. Therefore it is important to tell the story of Rana Plaza. People should not forget about this accident and the workers who made this sacrifice for our beautiful clothing.



Here we found much negligence of the management and shady deals from the buyers. In this case the buyers and the owner were primarily thinking about their own interests. The buyers want high quality products at very low prices. The owner wants as many deals as possible. He insures high growth of his profit margin but neglects to ensure labor safety. The paper work goes smoothly as they do their deal. The laborers who make the clothing get almost nothing in return. In our film we will show the view of a laborer who was stuck in Rana Plaza for almost 4 days. We will show what occurred and what people had to go through in order to survive. This film will present some significant and unspoken stories of the Rana Plaza incident. Additionally we will shed light on the background story and focus on the lesson which we can get from this incident and promote labor safety.



In our movie the audience will see something real and true. They will get to know the many unspoken words of the laborers throughout the film. Viewers will not only see but also feel the incident. It is important for us to make the audience identify with the people locked inside the Rana Plaza building and raise awareness of the ongoing mistreatment of many of the menial workers around the globe. This movie is one step towards enforcing proper labor safety in the workplace. It will not stop until we reach our goal. At this time we are in the process of gathering support through crowd funding.





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